Birchvalley Dental Clinic
Birchvalley Dental Clinic

About Us

Birch Valley Dental Clinic was established in August 2010 when Laura Kerr & Joanne Munro decided to become business partners and set up their own practice in Dalbeattie. Originally the women had worked together successfully for five years following Laura's qualification as a dentist in 2005. Joanne initially worked as Laura's dental nurse before being promoted to practice administrator.

After considerable discussion and planning they eventually set up a brand new practice together, with Joanne operating the business and managerial side as practice manager and Laura running the clinical aspects of the business as principal dentist; thereby allowing the practice to operate successfully without valuable clinical time being spent on resolving business matters. We now have three dentists working at Birch Valley and we are qualified as a Vocational Training practice under Laura Kerr's tuition.

Our Standards

Dental practices within the UK are strictly regulated when it comes to hygiene, safety and patient care. However, we are not content to simply meet the minimum requirements, but aim to excel and provide a high standard throughout. Our team dedicates considerable time and effort so that you will not have to concern yourself with anything other than your dental health.

Our very modern building has been designed and fitted with the latest standards of hygiene in mind. Each surgery has been furnished with units that can be thoroughly disinfected between appointments and storage systems that minimise the possibility of any instruments becoming contaminated. We also have an individual room dedicated to the sterilisation of all re-usable items which meets the latest stringent government standards. Of course, these benefits are only as effective as our procedures, and our staff are well trained in how to clean the surgeries and protect our patients.

Just as important as cleanliness is the standard of care our patients receive, and we aim to make you feel as welcome as we can during your visits. We realise that for some people their experience of attending the dentist has not been positive, and so from the moment you meet our reception staff until you leave the practice we strive to make you at ease. If you have any specific requests regarding your visit please feel free to speak to us about these.